XWiki new headquarters

Today, June 7th 2012 was a great day.
XWiki celebrated its new headquarters, Paris center, near Centre Beaubourg, a place of french culture, taste and excellence.

A big slideshow exhibited thousands of pictures of the Open Source business enterprise wiki engine, worldwide success story.

Between saucisson, Moulin à vent and Bouzy Champagne, it was time to discuss new releases, reveal premiere Cloud offers to be issued next July.

Amidst prestigious users, AFP news agency brought testimonial.

I was pleased to meet a true family of young passionates, devoted developpers and marketeers, with a romanian team wing.
Employees and partners, the charming Émilie Ogez, marketing head and french blogger star, and my old friend in common with Ludovic Dubost, Olivier Sérès, leader of responsive business smart apps, such as maintenance activities that benefit from wiki as far as smart apps.

It was time to converse on positioning and justifying XWiki with competition, Atlassian, WordPress, Mediawiki or Facebook.
To meet all-sized organization needs and automation.

These headquarters are definitely a nice spaces to meet amidst work at home or travel.

Now is the time to promote a new star business wiki.

Bienvenue à la passion XWiki . . .

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