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Hi Jim (a musician friend of mine),

My last proposal remains quite relevant… but in meantime World has changed…
Here are some best appropriate solutions, they are as free as efficient. Say, sorted out by value decreasing:

Advice #1

Publish your content in MySpace account for free, especially since this service has been taken up by Facebook.
Now we no longer say Web… but… Facebook.

Advice #2

Publish your web content on Tumblr.com (free too).

Advice #3

Publish it at Wordpress.com (free also)... don’t forget to send a message to Ma.tt
Inspire from Robert Plant as a musician portal.

Advice #4

Put it on Wikispaces.com, equally free and so childly to use.

Advice #5

Build it in Squarespace.com or Maiahost.com, subscription fees are moderate (with US providers, some $3-4 per month only).

Advice #6

Select hosting providers at least cost (be aware French ISPs are not competitive providers at all): some trails are listed at hilsz.com

Advice #7

Anyway my previous advice stays quite good. Select an available domain name at Go Daddy.com for a few $... per year and… Danica’s smile.
I can host your site in my farm on my platform, but it’s not worth the Cloud.

Better yet, apply several solutions above.
These, domain and hosting, are as free than public.

Feed YouTube with videos, buzz yourself on Facebook and Twitter !

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